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Welcome to records Unlimited
The website for the Amateur Record Collector

Records are recorded in different speeds, these speeds are measured in RPM (rotations per minute). There are three well known record speeds, they are: 33 1/3 rpm which can be called "Thirty-threes" or LPs (longplays). They are the largest of the three, which they are 12 inches in diameter. There is the 45 rpm record which can be called "forty-fives" and are the middle record in size at 10 inches in diameter. And there is the 78 rpm record, which is the same size as the 45 rpm records at 10 inches, and can be called a "Seventy-eight".
There is also another speed of record which is not as well known nowadays but they were 16 2/3 rpm and were unsuitable for playing music, so they were used to record spoken words, for benifit for the visually impaired or for educational purposes.
A lot of the time, when someone starts record collecting, it was because they recieved a stack of records that someone didn't want or that someone was just giving them. That's how I started in record collecting. This website was created for the amateur record collector, who is new to the hobby, or for anyone who wants a certain piece of information about records.

For questions, comments, and ideas please contact me at recordcollector517@hotmail.com. E-mails are awnsered every 1-2 days.